The cube & The living lightbag

This was a one hours project and made of garbage that varun vachhar and me found on the street. We where working on the two topic, outer space and switch. Used materials: Styrofoam, a milk tint non transparent bag, laptop and speakers.
Varun Vachhar :

The cube:

The living lightbag:


With this installation I tried to visualize the human soul. The soul, who is always in contact with the elements of nature, humanity and ego. The three motors are representative for those elements. The flux that arises through the magnetic balls in the core always shows that “time based happenings” are never exactly the same. This symbolic construction shows continuously a unique image, a fragment in time, and it moves on and on. See It like a soul, a mind state, what is never exactly the same because you get anyway continuously influenced by at least one of those three elements.

About / Contact

Menno van den Berg
Cambridgelaan 191
3584 DZ Utrecht

T: 31(0) 6 42 31 99 80

Menno van den Berg, born the first day of Januari in 1987, The Hague, now a third year interactive media student at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. As an growing artist from a new generation who works intensively in the transitional area’s in between nature, technology, art and science. As a future interaction designer Menno is mainly researching in this field of work, hungry for new application, directions or interest.

In his work he tries to let you participate, that the observer becomes a part of the experience. his main focus is to make interactive installation, because it feels as the most comfortable ‘medium’ to conceptualize the idea’s. Making useful things, create playfulness and new effects is what drives him as an artist.

Manipulation Cube


Movie for a schoolproject together made with Andrew Nedzvedsky

Fruit serie

Sound is Math

Concept poster sound is Math

The relation with music we have is central in this project. We both are musician’s with a mission to make a visual translations of what literally hear. The Visual
outcome are specific Shapes and Patterns. Shapes and Patterns are everywhere in nature and can be found in sound to. We did an audible research to be able to place this in to visuals. We thinks that music is not rely defined in representative visuals. The music tells a story in itself, videoclips do not support this. For us the challenge of studying sound (music in the case), and to make it visible.

This is a studie/project I did together with Jeffrey Wennekes.

Imagestory: Nathalie

A project I did together with Greta Stefanova in the first year of my interactive media design studie where we both worked on the conceptstory. Greta did the illustrations and I search for the right pictures and maked sure that the illustrations blend into the photo’s.


I did this project together with Jeffrey Wennekes.

Transform ants into artist

All the antz where gone by that time the exhibition reached his point. So I took some crickets and it also did work out.