Shapeshifter | transformable organism

Creating robotica with soft materials inspired by nature. This project can be viewed in more depth on this special website.

In my research towards transformable matter I discovered the muscular and hydrostatic action of sea anemones. Inspired by the deformable abilities Shapeshifter has become a living sculpture that has the possibility to change its physical shape and live within its environment. The movement of the Sea anemones is a translated dimension for aesthetic development of kinetic motion.

Shapeshifter | transformable organism from montani on Vimeo.

A Video and more documentation will come soon!

Spiritual Energy

A symbol to bring individual spirits together. Individuality makes us lose our collective spirit. Humanity seems to have forgotten about our group nature. We bring you in touch with other spirits based on our basic human needs.
(Bring your own rules.)

In collaboration with:
Vera Herr
Rob van der Burg
Nathan Uphoff
Justina Laukaityte
Sascha Kleerebezem

This was a one day project exhibited during the open the of KABK.

WEITER’s Light Letters

In commission by Oliver Weiter we where ask to build a light installation for him in the shape of his Dj name. After a very intensive week of working, where we order all the electrical equipment, lasercutted the digital designs and assemble the whole installation together it was exposed during the big party in the Paradiso, Amsterdam.

We used 202 lightbulbs, 202 bulb holders, 100 meter of electricity wiring, plywood, paint and 1000 bolts and nuts.

Together with Kleurbleur

Interactive Data visualisation Installation

Input for this installation was the movie Soy Cuba. After taking a lot of data out of the movie I pixelated it and project it with a beamer on 20 motors with mirrors. How the motors move depends on the tint of each pixel what is projected on the motors.

Fruit serie

Imagestory: Nathalie

A project I did together with Greta Stefanova in the first year of my interactive media design studie where we both worked on the conceptstory. Greta did the illustrations and I search for the right pictures and maked sure that the illustrations blend into the photo’s.

Transform ants into artist

All the antz where gone by that time the exhibition reached his point. So I took some crickets and it also did work out.

Tomato Font