Shapeshifter | transformable organism

Creating robotica with soft materials inspired by nature. This project can be viewed in more depth on this special website.

In my research towards transformable matter I discovered the muscular and hydrostatic action of sea anemones. Inspired by the deformable abilities Shapeshifter has become a living sculpture that has the possibility to change its physical shape and live within its environment. The movement of the Sea anemones is a translated dimension for aesthetic development of kinetic motion.

Shapeshifter | transformable organism from montani on Vimeo.

A Video and more documentation will come soon!










Deflecting Particles is an interactive kinetic installation mainly made out of wood, dowels and balloons. By turning the lever of the machine you decide if the balloons turn counterclockwise or clockwise.

Autumn 2011
120 cm in diameter

320 cm high
MDF, metal, bolt, ring and nuts, bearings, 800 dowels, screws, black balloons, helium.

Wind is a flow of gases on a large scale, the natural movement of particles in the atmosphere. Caused by horizontal air pressure where the strength and direction is influenced by earths rotation in friction with the surface. The image of the rotating balloons are a visual translation for the movement of wind flows on earth.  It is prominent in the movement of clouds around low-pressure area’s. Clouds don’t move to the center of a low-pressure area, they move around it and in a form of spinning. By moving the arm of this installation you decide if the flows moves as on the southern hemisphere, clockwise, or as on the northern hemisphere, counterclockwise.



This kinetic installation found his origin in a drawing of negative space based on a collection of objects. My instrument make the user observe this specific shape from multiple angels. The project developed itself over a few weeks, this is what finally came out of it.


With this installation I tried to visualize the human soul. The soul, who is always in contact with the elements of nature, humanity and ego. The three motors are representative for those elements. The flux that arises through the magnetic balls in the core always shows that “time based happenings” are never exactly the same. This symbolic construction shows continuously a unique image, a fragment in time, and it moves on and on. See It like a soul, a mind state, what is never exactly the same because you get anyway continuously influenced by at least one of those three elements.