A collage of words based on this moment.

Girl of the Lake

I think about the girl of the lake.
Dark inverted mountains covered with sea grass.
A cave lighted by luminous fishes.
She as a musician, dancing in circles.
Perfection of the future and all in her own.
Coral and ice
Hold by one hand.


Im inside the dream.
let myself fall down in the pool.
free now of space,
time passing by.
survive on oxygen for weeks,
No need to hunt or what so ever.
Just breath,

Big whale


Looking back to the lake,
One feet in the sea.
travel by boat and crossing stress.
heavy heartbeats and a tornado.
Keep your neck tight.


About / Contact

Menno van den Berg
Cambridgelaan 191
3584 DZ Utrecht

T: 31(0) 6 42 31 99 80

Menno van den Berg, born the first day of Januari in 1987, The Hague, now a third year interactive media student at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. As an growing artist from a new generation who works intensively in the transitional area’s in between nature, technology, art and science. As a future interaction designer Menno is mainly researching in this field of work, hungry for new application, directions or interest.

In his work he tries to let you participate, that the observer becomes a part of the experience. his main focus is to make interactive installation, because it feels as the most comfortable ‘medium’ to conceptualize the idea’s. Making useful things, create playfulness and new effects is what drives him as an artist.