Deflecting Particles is an interactive kinetic installation mainly made out of wood, dowels and balloons. By turning the lever of the machine you decide if the balloons turn counterclockwise or clockwise.

Autumn 2011
120 cm in diameter

320 cm high
MDF, metal, bolt, ring and nuts, bearings, 800 dowels, screws, black balloons, helium.

Wind is a flow of gases on a large scale, the natural movement of particles in the atmosphere. Caused by horizontal air pressure where the strength and direction is influenced by earths rotation in friction with the surface. The image of the rotating balloons are a visual translation for the movement of wind flows on earth.  It is prominent in the movement of clouds around low-pressure area’s. Clouds don’t move to the center of a low-pressure area, they move around it and in a form of spinning. By moving the arm of this installation you decide if the flows moves as on the southern hemisphere, clockwise, or as on the northern hemisphere, counterclockwise.


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